Monday, 30 July 2012

Wheat Belly Review

Whether you are looking for an honest unbiased review on the Book Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis or you are doing research on celiac disease you've come across the place to find out a real opinion from someone who does not have an axe to grind

My own fascination with what wheat may do to my body was after being diagnosed with Crohn's disease.  I found in my research that often celiac disease immitates Crohn's and that wheat is an aggravator of symptoms.    My girlfriend has encouraged me to give up wheat as she is wheat intolerant and after giving up wheat, she lost over 20 pounds (and looks amazing I might add).    She does not work out, the only exercise she gets is walking to her appointments and to the subway.  Her best friend is always doing research and is an Atkins diet follower to the T.  He bought Wheat Belly and swore by it.  His partner lost so much weight that their son asked "are you sick?" 

The bottom line of this book is that the wheat we have today has been so modified that it is no longer good for us and increases weight gain.   I have not completely gone off wheat yet but I have noticed a huge difference and the thing that pushed me to write today is my experience this morning. 

I've been pretty good about not eating wheat but while eating at my parents and at a BBQ this weekend, I ate 2 slices of bread and a piece of cake.  I have lost weight since reducing my wheat (about 17 pound in total), but this morning when I put on my clothes my belly was potruding!!  The same shirt that I wore last week made me look like I had an enormous beer belly.  It scared me quite frankly and even though I have lost weight just a little bit of wheat has changed how my clothes fit me.

I have previously seen a review that said the book could be much shorter, I agree.  If you like all the technical stuff about how wheat raises the glycemic index, how wheat is actually addictive (I personally can't stop at just one peanut butter banana sandwhich myself) and how real wheat is so much better for you than what you get at your regular grocery store, then you'll like this book.  If you want some basic details you may want to skip some parts but you will want to read other parts carefully that describe wheat and its effects.

I finished reading Wheat Belly 2 weeks ago and am glad to find that there is now a Wheat Belly Cook Book.  

It is really quiet challenging to live a life that is wheat free.  Even though my girlfriend is an expert at it,when I'm not with her I have all kinds of challenges in finding and and preparing meals without wheat.  I am getting this book myself to help with planning my meals and making things that will continue to help me with my weight loss.

Feel free to ask me any questions.  The longer I'm wheat free the better results I expect and would love to hear your feedback.

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  1. Hi. I viewed your video which is a couple years old. I've read the book & I'm 90% wheat free. I'm curious to learn about your progress since the video. Are u 100% wheat free now? What add'l health benefits have u experienced since then? Thanks bro.