Friday, 16 November 2012

Get Paid to Podcast

Making money online really boils down to discovering a bunch of people that you may either market to or get payment from.  Whatever that audience is you need to have something eyecatching or helpful that you can capture and keep your audiences’ attention.  What you have to offer and talk about is crucial.

I will demonstrate how you can make money offering and dispensing information by podcast or a newsletter, and how you can connect openly with your
target group as an online tutor.

To make a podcast, you will require a microphone and software for recording.  Another great tool is a video camera so that you can make video podcasts as well. 

A free recording program is available by  What is also great is that they have great technical tutorials so that you can handle all the techy stuff and sound like an expert.

When you have the right information and can make worthwhile, desirable podcasts, you need an audience to hear what you have to say.  A great way to get listeners is to submit your podcast to places like, market in forums or hype it through a blog or websites. 

Niche audiences are great but the larger your market the better. Like I said niche is great but if you enter a market that is competitive yes you may have some work cut out for you but big markets are big because people are listening and when they are listening there is money to be made.  You just need to get as big a piece of the market as possible. 

Here’s where part of the money comes in; when you locate sponsors who pay to “have the ears” of your audience.  The bigger your audience the more you can charge.  Some people go out and get advertisers by themselves.  But if you choose to you can use to help you in that process

If your content is wanted and needed enough, you can make people pay to read/watch or listen to it.  iTunes is a fantastic way of marketing your podcast.  So you sell online but also give some content away as well so that you can get a fresh batch of listeners.

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